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Grihayan limited is one of the pioneers in Digital Topography Surveys, Geotechnical Investigation work (Soil Test), Consultancy & Construction in Bangladesh. The company started its journey in 1990 on a small platform with dedicated efforts & excellence. Later it has expanded to its business with Digital Topography Survey, Geotechnical Investigation work (Soil Test), construction & consultancy. During these 30 years of service, GRIHAYAN Ltd has steadily consolidated its expertise and has completed more than 50 big projects in Bangladesh. The Team at GRIHAYAN comprises of over 30 professionals and engineers that were chosen on the basis of their excellent technical and management skill. 


digital land survey by RTK

3rd Generation
Digital Land Survey

Grihayan Limited is a trusted company in the field of digital land survey solutions in Bangladesh.We have a skilled and experienced surveyor to provide digital land .

4th Generation
Digital Land Survey

Grihayan utilizes UAV to accurately compile, edit, and deliver high accuracy planimetric and topographic data, tailored to client specifications and GIS data integration…

Geotechnical Investigation

Grihayan Limited is a trusted company in the field of geotechnical investigation in Bangladesh having skilled and experienced engineers …


Grihayan is providing a service which is named UAV surveying and mapping or Dorne surveying. The completely automatic AI-robotic platform is a professional…


Grihayan has proved its capability by accomplishing successfully the CWASA pipeline project as a subcontractor of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP)…

4th Generation Digital Land Survey by Drone

Fourth generation digital land surveying refers to the latest advancements in technology used for land surveying. It involves the use of advanced equipment such as Drones, RTK and 3D scanners (LiDAR) to capture highly accurate and detailed data about the land.

What You Will Get From This Survey

  1. Orthomosaic Map with Geo-referenced
  2. Details Layout Map
  3. Spot Level Map
  4. Contour Map
  5. 3D Map
  6. DTM

3D Map

A 3D map is a three-dimensional representation of a geographic area, showing the height, depth, and width of the terrain. It is created by using elevation data and satellite imagery to create a model of the area. 3D maps are useful for a range of applications, including urban planning, architecture, and outdoor recreation. They can provide a more detailed and accurate view of the area than traditional 2D maps, allowing users to better understand the topography and layout of the landscape. With the advancement of technology, 3D maps are becoming more widely available and accessible, allowing for more efficient and effective decision-making in various fields.


What is a DTM map?
Digital Terrain Models (DTM) sometimes called Digital Elevation Models (DEM) is a topographic model of the bare Earth that can be manipulated by computer programs. The data files contain the elevation data of the terrain in a digital format which relates to a rectangular grid.

Benefits of Drone Survey


Drone-based surveying is faster and more efficient than traditional methods.


It can provide more detailed and accurate data for land surveying.


Drone surveying is more cost-effective and safer than traditional surveying methods.


Drones equipped with sensors and cameras can capture detailed data and imagery for land surveying, mapping, and inspection with speed and accuracy

our competed projects

Tea estate

Digital Topographic Survey Map for Tea Estate

Project Name: Digital Topographical Survey for “ KudalaTea Estate ” City Group.

Project Location: Baralekha, Moulavi Bazar, Sylhet.

Project Image View: Details Layout Map with Orthophoto

Govt. Projects

Project Name: Digital Topographical Survey of “Bahadurpur Tea Estate Limited”

Project Location: Baralekha, Moulavi Bazar, Sylhet.

Project Image View: Superimposed on Mouza Boundary Map

private property

digital topographic survey map

Project Name: Digital Topographical Survey of “Goalunda Textile Mills Ltd”

Project Location: Ahladipur, Goalanda Mor, Rajbari.

Project Image View: Details Layout Map with Orthophoto

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