About Grihayan Limited

Grihayan limited is one of the pioneer companies in Surveying, Geotechnical Investigation and Construction field in Bangladesh. As a civil engineering firm, the journey of today’s Grihayan was started in 1990 on a small platform with a dedicated effort and excellence. Nowadays it is expanded in all civil engineering solutions, providing quality service. It started the brand services of digital survey in 2006, digital soil investigation in 2010 and HDD pipeline construction in 2016. Recently we added a latest technology first time in Bangladesh, named 4th generation 3D model topographic survey based on UAV and DRTK what provides the highest accuracy and saves 70% time in the place of previous technology.

The team Grihayan comprises of over 100 professionals, architects and engineers who are recruited on the basis of their excellence in technical and managing skills.

This is, obviously, proud for us to be recognized for our quality in construction, perfection, innovation and teamwork to overcome the challenges. For About three decades of our services, we have steadily consolidated its expertise and completed more than 80 big projects in Bangladesh. We successfully accomplished 40,000-acre digital topography and detail survey map of Finlay Tea Estate, Moulavibazar; digital Geotechnical investigation Ruppur nuclear power plant, Pabna; Dhaka metro rail project; Moheshkhali deep sea port and pipeline construction of Chattogram WASA, etc.

The dedications, hard works, experiences and commitments of the Team Grihayan makes it one of the most renowned firm of Bangladesh. For quality service, exception and dedication it has been awarded with “The Bizz Award-2018 “, Texas, USA; “The Arthakantha Business Award-2017”, Dhaka, Bangladesh; “The International Diamond Prize for Excellence for Quality -2017”, Vienna, Austria; “The International Quality CrownAward-2016”, London, United Kingdom; “The ISLQ Award-2014”, Paris, France.

It is a great pleasure for us to be part of the movement of the digital Bangladesh and to be able to provide the services as clients’ demands by a heartiest team spirit.