UAV/Drone Survey

UAV/Drone Survey


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Drone Survey

We are leading in the use of advanced UAS technologies (Drone survey & Photogrammetric survey) to provide best-in-class geospatial and surveying solutions in Bangladesh.


Grihayan digital mapping team utilizes leading-edge technology to provide complete mapping data acquisition and processing services for digital photography and airborne LiDAR. We offer precision planimetric and topographic maps, digital orthophotography, digital terrain models, and mapping solutions for projects across our country. We have performed thousands of miles of corridor mapping projects. We produce only the highest quality imagery for our clients. Our orthophotos have a uniform tone and contrast between frames. Our 100% digital photogrammetric workstations are loaded with the latest software for efficiency and we can provide data in all the required mapping formats.

Photogrammetric Service Includes:
  • Digital orthophotography/Orthomosaic
  • Digital planimetric and topographic mapping
  • Digital Terrain/Surface Modeling (DTM/DSM)
  • Digital aerial triangulation/3D Texture Model
  • Contour Map
  • Volume Calculation
  • Image scanning
  • Major Physical Dimension Map
  • Video Presentation